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remind me never to buy anything off of ebay again. k?


what a mess!

When I first looked up my textbooks on the school website (the books i need for the classes I am taking, not the ones I am teaching), I sort of freaked because nary a single class that i was taking had textbooks assigned to it.

Turned out to be a massive mistake, mostly on the part of the bookstore (of course). So, today, I went back online and was pleasantly surprised to see a grand total of 5 textbooks (including one workbook?) for the three classes I am taking. [and yes, if you've been following along all the while, i will be teaching 2 different classes, taking 3 classes, working part-time at a new job (same employer), and still, you know, doing wife and mother things like cooking dinner and taking a certain cute first grader to school and taekwondo. I may have to begin medicine for anxiety this semester. But I am tough and I'll do it. I always have.]

And they all sound absolutely scintillating:

--Communicative Grammar of English
--Workbook to Communicative Grammar of English
--Teaching English as a Second or Foreign Language (which I have to get off of abebooks because it's out of print)
--Teaching by Principles
--Teaching ESL Composition

Not bad at all. And a couple of those are only 30 bucks or so.

So then I had the stroke of genius to check the classes I was teaching to get absolute verification on the books that I would be teaching from (the 102 was a given--the McGraw Hill Guide to Academic Writing or some boring thing like that), but the 120 (English Comp for Non-Native Speakers) was a little iffy. Mostly everyone said they thought it was the same book. But no one knew 100%. Not even the TESOL director. Nice. It was a good thing I looked it up, too, because as it turns out, they're different books (the 120 uses Writing Today something something something). So two preps! From two different books! YESSSSSSSSSS!!

AND THEN I decide, well, let me make sure that the 102 class has been assigned the books I think it has been assigned [Note: if you have finished the 'how-to-teach' class, which i have, you can pick your own texts from a list of pre-approved texts. however, since I was not a teacher officially when textbooks were adopted last semester, i would have to teach using the default McGraw-Hill Guide]. This, too, is a good thing. Because when I pull up my section number, lo and behold!, the 2nd Vol of the Norton Anthology of English Lit and, horror of horrors, Great Expectations.

So I called the woman in charge of book orders and told her. So she's going to fix it. She said I must have been given the section of another GTA who does not follow the RULES AT ALL or there was a massive mix-up and some brit lit 2 class is buying the mcgraw hill guide to academic writing. HA.

BUT, she did tell me that my desk copies were available and I could come and pick them up. I'm going to leave work today at 2:45 to pick Carla up from school, and hopefully Bellee can go with me to the school to get them (I haven't received my parking decal yet, unfortunately. I think it is in the mailbox at my old apartment. I have to go over there and get the key back and check. Kudos to the post office for forwarding mail /sarcasm)

in other news, Carla started first grade this morning and it was good. She was very excited. She strolled into school with some sunglasses that Bellee had given her. She was ultra-cool this morning in her jeans, flowered empire waist camisole tank thing and brown 3/4 sweater. And tennis shoes, because it is first grade. She wasn't happy about the tennis shoes. But oh well.

I have a lot of work to do to make my office habitable for the person who will replace me. Whoever that may be and whenever they may start.

Do I really want to switch to LibraryThing? I have a lot of friends over there. And this is generally the good thing about doing these sorts of things--that way you can bogart books from your friends' libraries. ahem. discover new reading materials, i mean.

but the thing about it is that on goodreads i have at least 400 something books in my library, and they are all tagged and nice and neat. And right now librarything can't import tags (but they're working on it). So i would definitely have to pay, and I'd probably do a lifetime for $25 because that's the most economical, right? and on top of paying for it, i would have to go in and add all my tags again one at a time. so i might just wait until they've perfected the import to include tags.

LibraryThing vs. Goodreads

What advantage does LibraryThing have over Goodreads, oh-people-in-the-know?

They both have the same functionality, pretty much. I think with Library Thing you can add in bulk. But you also have to pay for LibraryThing (not a lot, but still), while goodreads is free.

Hmmm. Just curious.

Carla's new discovery

So I was in the kitchen, cooking Carla's dinner and she comes in and asks me, "Mommy, what channel is the weather channel? I want to see if  it is going to rain." So, I say, "Channel 38. Have fun."

A few minutes later, she comes back in the kitchen and says, "Mommy, the weather channel is NOT boring! It's like if you had bought me a puppy! There's going to be a tornado somewhere and it's going to rain all over the world! And I think there's going to be a tornado here, but I REALLY have to go to the bathroom and I'll probably miss it."

Then later, I tell her to come and eat, and since it's just the two of us, we sit at the little table. And do you know what she asks? If we can watch the weather channel. 




minor friends-cut. mostly people who haven't updated in forever. if the last thing you posted was from Christmas of 07, then I probably don't even know who you are.

Bought: The Things They Carried by Tim O'Brien; and Atonement by whoever wrote it. Ian somebody. McEwan? I'm reading TTTC first.



Do you think people who don't know the difference between "your" and "you're" should be strung up by their gonads? You do? Then you should visit GrammarBlog.

For a laugh, go to English Fail and check out the Top Funny Posts (right-hand sidebar). Warning: some are NSFW and some are just not that funny.

For some interesting word and phrase origins, or for ever-exciting dictionary talk, visit Word Origins.

Interested in a little lexpionage to enliven your day? Pop over to Wordspy.

And the ever-popular and politically incorrect engrish.com

That's all I've got.

It's time for bed. right?
Oft him anhaga are gebideð,
metudes miltse, þeah þe he modcearig
geond lagulade longe sceolde
hreran mid hondum hrimcealde sæ
wadan wræclastas. Wyrd bið ful aræd!

Swa cwæð eardstapa, earfeþa gemyndig,
wraþra wælsleahta, winemæga hryre:

Oft ic sceolde ana uhtna gehwylce
mine ceare cwiþan. Nis nu cwicra nan
þe ic him modsefan minne durre
sweotule asecgan. Ic to soþe wat
þæt biþ in eorle indryhten þeaw,
þæt he his ferðlocan fæste binde,
healde his hordcofan, hycge swa he wille.
Ne mæg werig mod wyrde wiðstondan,
ne se hreo hyge helpe gefremman.
Forðon domgeorne dreorigne oft
in hyra breostcofan bindað fæste;
swa ic modsefan minne sceolde,
oft earmcearig, eðle bidæled,
freomægum feor feterum sælan,
siþþan geara iu goldwine minne
hrusan heolstre biwrah, ond ic hean þonan
wod wintercearig ofer waþema gebind,
sohte seledreorig sinces bryttan,
hwær ic feor oþþe neah findan meahte
þone þe in meoduhealle mine wisse,
oþþe mec freondleasne frefran wolde,
wenian mid wynnum. Wat se þe cunnað
hu sliþen bið sorg to geferan
þam þe him lyt hafað leofra geholena:
warað hine wræclast, nales wunden gold,
ferðloca freorig, nalæs foldan blæd.
Gemon he selesecgas ond sincþege,
hu hine on geoguðe his goldwine
wenede to wiste. Wyn eal gedreas! (lines 1-36)

Then, lines 92-110:

Hwær cwom mearg? Hwær cwom mago? Hwær cwom maþþumgyfa?
Hwær cwom symbla gesetu? Hwær sindon seledreamas?
Eala beorht bune! Eala byrnwiga!
Eala þeodnes þrym! Hu seo þrag gewat,
genap under nihthelm, swa heo no wære.
Stondeð nu on laste leofre duguþe
weal wundrum heah, wyrmlicum fah.
Eorlas fornoman asca þryþe,
wæpen wælgifru, wyrd seo mære,
ond þas stanhleoþu stormas cnyssað,
hrið hreosende hrusan bindeð,
wintres woma, þonne won cymeð,
nipeð nihtscua, norþan onsendeð
hreo hæglfare hæleþum on andan.
Eall is earfoðlic eorþan rice,
onwendeð wyrda gesceaft weoruld under heofonum.
Her bið feoh læne, her bið freond læne,
her bið mon læne, her bið mæg læne,
eal þis eorþan gesteal idel weorþeð!

The funny thing with Anglo-Saxon is that to a person unfamiliar with the language, it frequently looks like gibberish. But when they hear it pronounced, they're surprised at how many words they can pick out.

I think I'm at my geek limit for the day.

BTW, the second segment I posted is the influence for the song Aragorn sings in LotR:tTT "Where now the horse and rider? Where is the horn that was blowing?" Nice, huh?

Tearing up phone books--for GOD.

Remember the Power Team? If you're not from the US, or are from certain north-eastern and/or western areas of the US, you may not know what the Power Team is.


I really do.

I remember being in highschool, cramming into a church somewhere in Auburn with a bunch of my fellow youth group members, watching Spectacle for God in its truest form. The Power Team.

BeholdCollapse )

And then I find out that the Power Team is even responsible for God's greatest wonder (second only to JesusChrist himself) and Power for Good and the Republican Party, devotee of Logan's Steakhouse*, Chuck Norris! And I quote: "CHUCK NORRIS and his entire family now follow Christ after seeing a Power Team crusade."

Can you believe it???

And you can even buy "Power Apparel for the Power Believer" on their website (www.thepowerteam.com).

*Chucky recently visited the city I live in campaigning for the local republican candidate for who knows what, and my co-worker saw him eating at Logan's Steakhouse. I guess things haven't gone so well for the Chuckmeister since "Walker, Texas Ranger" was wrongly yanked from the airwaves and forced into endless syndication.

To Read Booklist

I'm sure there are some missing. Warning: it's long.

To-Read Booklist 2008Collapse )

I might be missing a few, but OH WELL. I'm working from memory. My knuckles are swollen from the heat and the typing. And perhaps from the lack of water and sleep. Anywho. I'm going to see my bestest lapsus_lingue at her potential new pad!


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